Guidance & Inspiration Personal Goal- Setting

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. With my coaching sessions, you’ll learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you. Book a free discovery session and let’s get the ball rolling.

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Get The Crown VIP Elite

Get The Crown VIP Elite pageant competition  support program with Beauty From Within Coaching & Consulting is unlike any other pageant coaching service. YOU, the client, design the program to best fit your needs. We will go through, step-by-step how to Get The Crown! We have developed different pageant packages for each pageant ambitious person.

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Life Coaching Essentials VIP Intensive

Life Coaching Essentials with Beauty From Within Coaching & Consulting is unlike any other coaching program and is my most popular coaching program next to Get The Crown!

You have received your life coaching certification, now what?

This program will help you establish your life coaching business and help you improve your process in obtaining more clients!  Book a free discovery session and let’s get the ball rolling.

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Dream Big & Reach for the Stars

At Beauty Within Coaching & Consulting, I give my clients the valuable guidance and support they need at rates they are comfortable with paying.  Dream Big & Reach for the Stars is a personal coaching service. Sessions are tailored to help identify your talents and purpose. This personal coaching service is also a great option for anyone looking to make it into the entertainment industry. No matter whether you are working with an expert for the first time or are a seasoned veteran, this is an excellent coaching service for you.

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Mommy And Me Postpartum Stroller Stride!

Mommy and Me Postpartum Stroller Stride is a functional, total-body conditioning workout designed for moms with kids in tow. Each 90-minute workout is comprised of strength training, dance fitness cardio

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Create Your Unique Brilliance

This program focuses on how to use social media to scale your business and how to effectively create your brand and improve your marketing strategy.

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Career Coaching

Your career is a great turning point in your life. If you don’t make a wiser decision today, you may repent throughout your life. Career coaching is a way to help you in creating your career plan. A career coach evaluates your life skills, interests, strengths and weaknesses to help you make the right personal and professional choices.

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Interview And Public Speaking Prep Coaching

Your communication skills play an important role in attaining your personal and professional goals. Interview and Public Speaking Prep Coaching helps individuals to express their thoughts in a clear, concise and confident manner. Whether you need to craft a speech, sales pitch, or raise a wedding toast we will help you in grooming your communication skills.

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African Dance Health Fitness Cultural Immersion Education Workshop

Learning how to be culturally accepting and culturally sensitive starts at an early age! Infusing kids into different cultures at a young age makes a whole world of a difference as they get older. This program teaches at events to help incorporate the African flavor. Teachers, principles, educators, book a consultation call today.

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